LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for September 17, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:42 a.m. on Saturday, September 17, 2005, by President Carol - KF4TJJ, who then lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 20 people in attendance.

Visitors and new members were welcomed

Carol - KF4TJJ - With only 20 members in attendance, we again do not have a quorum and the meeting will be informal with no official business being decided on.

The August 2005 minutes were read by Secretary David - K4ARP.

The Treasurer's report was read by Gary - NC4S.


Training: Denny - KF4TJI Due to the low number of students attending the classes, Denny discussed changing the method of training from formal classes to self paced training. Students would have a volunteer sponsor from the club and meet as necessary. A list of club members with specific knowledge expertise could be made available for students, sponsors, or club members to call upon.

Emergency Services / Public Services: Tom - WB3AKD - The Reston Bike Ride was a success with around 1,400 riders and our services were appreciated. New things tried this year included; Net Control being located centrally at Gary - NC4S's home instead of at a Rest Stop, Net Control had internet access via a wireless 802 router; APRS trackers on most of the SAG vehicles and bikes, and interfacing with the Red Cross Volunteer radios. The group discussed having two simplex channels for Net Control. The first providing for all information flow and control and a second for off line conversations.

Tom - WB3AKD provided advice regarding "Jumping onto the volunteer bandwagon" in responding to volunteer requests after disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Check the ARRL web site for information. Katrina showed just how long we could be out of power and water after a disaster. Prepare for 5 days minimum of food and water. The Red Cross opened a shelter at the Arcola School in preparation, but no families ended up being housed there.

FAR: Bill - WF1L reported that next issue of AutoCall will be the last in print and will probably end up being web based only. FAR Fest was a qualified success, although attendance was down from last year. PAUL - N4PD reported that the Vienna Wireless Society had a good presentation of their balloon launch with further information on their web site. The Alexandria Radio Club is building an ARES COM Trailer for use by any club. They are selling badges to support the effort. The IDs have your name, call sign, picture, and identifies you as a National Area Radio Operator. It was also suggested to invite member(s) from their group to one of our club meetings.

Field Day 2005: Gary - NC4S stated that the score results will not be available until later in the year.

Venture Crew: Nothing to report.

Public Relations: Larry - K3HE has secured the display case at the Rust Library in Leesburg for the month of November. Various display ideas were discuss and several members volunteered to help Larry with the display. E-mail Larry with your display ideas. Karl - KI4BDS also mentioned the possibility of a display at the Purcellville Library in March 2006

Balloon Committee: Tom - WB3AKD is working on putting the parts together for a basic payload. Next possible balloon launch would be in 2006. Anyone interested in helping please contact Tom.

Amendment Committee: Carol - KF4TJJ The committee is to work on the issues and present on the reflector prior to the next meeting.

Interference Committee: Nothing to report.

Contest Committee: Nothing to report.


Paul - N4PD still has Field Day Pens and Denny - KF4TJI still has calendars for sale with proceeds going to the club.

Upcoming events: Westminster Hamfest next month.


Randy - W4XJ On the subject of the NO-CODE issue, Randy brought to the club's attention that the FCC is not lobbied and that the club could put together a comprehensive presentation stating the club's position on the issue. He asked that anyone interested in working on this to please contact him.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:54am.

Gary - NC4S showed more of the Contest Training CD after the meeting.

David T. Mullins - K4ARP, Secretary LARG