LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for October 15, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, October 15, 2005, by President Carol - KF4TJJ, who then lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 42 people in attendance.

Visitors and new members were welcomed Henry - K2BFY, Frank - K0BRG and Thomas KD8BJH.

The September 2005 minutes were read by Secretary David - K4ARP. The Treasurer’s report was read by Gary - NC4S.

Gary - NC4S read a letter received from the Reston Bicycle Club thanking the group for their support, and in appreciation included a donation to the club of $500.


Web Site: Norm - AI2C reported that he is working on some new items for the site and putting up the report from the Reston Bike Ride.

Interference Committee: Mark - W3ZI said that they are dealing with one problem at this time.

FAR: Bill - WF1L Nothing to report

Emergency Services / Public Services: Tom - WB3AKD - reminded the group that the Loudoun Hospital Exercise is October 22nd. Around 8 volunteers will be needed at the Cornwall and Lansdowne Hospitals to provide voice and packet data support. Start time is 0730 hrs. for a half day. Duties involve communications backup and passing status of the Decon Tents. Jay Greeley expressed concern over who was in overall charge of the exercise in order to provide the support from our end. Bill - W3EMH again discussed the possibility of permanent locations for amateur support operations at the hospitals.

Training: Denny - KF4TJI announced that a signup form will go out on the reflector for training sponsors and knowledge experts.

Club Nets: Carol - KF4TJJ advised the group that starting October 30th the Sunday Night Net will move back to its starting time of 8:00pm, or 2000 hrs. local time until next spring.

Public Relations: Larry - K3HE announced that there will be meeting after the club meeting for those interested in helping with the Rust Library display. The display will start November 1st.

Amendment Committee: Dick - W2YE reviewed examples from different clubs on how they define a quorum, voting requirements to change the constitution and levels of membership.

An open discussion followed on defining a quorum with members purposing and commenting on a very wide diversity of options for the club to adopt, including setting a specific number of members, using a percentage of the voting membership and using only the members present at regularly scheduled meeting. Tom - W3AKD made a motion to prepare a motion for the club to set the members required for a quorum at 15. The motion was seconded with general discussion. Tom - W3AKD amended the motion to have the committee propose language and criteria to be presented at the next business meeting. The motion passed.

There was an open discussion on the voting requirements to change the constitution with a general consensus that 2/3 majority would be needed. Gary - NC4S made a motion for the committee to provide language that would require a 2/3 vote for a constitutional change and for the provision of voting via e-mail. The motion was seconded.

There was an open discussion on the various types and privileges of membership. Norm - AI2C also suggested that we add how to handle silent keys. Send comments to Dick - W2YE, or Carol - KF4TJJ. The committee will draft sample language to be presented at the November meeting for further discussion.

Balloon Committee: Nothing to report.

Contest Committee: Nothing to report.

Venture Crew: Bill - K8SYH Nothing to report.

Christmas Dinner Party: BA will condense the responses from the various venues and post them to the reflector. Gary - NC4S says he already has the door prices - goodies from the Dayton Hamfest.

OLD BUSINESS Field Day 2005: Boyd - N5CTI reviewed the results from the ARRL. Details will be posted to the reflector. This was the first year for electronic submission with no feedback, or confirmation. There was a 26 point discrepancy between the ARRL results and the club’s score, against the club. Boyd will provide some feedback to the ARRL on the process.

NEW BUSINESS Steve - KB2CEV made a motion to have the $500 donation from the Reston Bicycle Club used to purchase radio equipment for the Loudoun Chapter of the Red Cross. Steve noted that the Reston Bicycle Club advertising states that the proceeds are to benefit the Red Cross. The motion was seconded. There was a general discussion with the general consensus that the funds should be used for broader purpose. Jay Greeley made a friendly amendment suggesting that the funds be used for emergency services in the county. Steve - KB2CEV agreed with the amendment and the motion passed.

Gary - NC4S made a motion to get rid of the old donated pop-up camper trailer (not the tower trailer) explaining that it really needed a lot of work and did not see the club using it. The motion passed.

John - W4AU has information on how to download a Morse Code ring tone for your cell phone.

David - K4ARP offered to the LARG members the ability to get discount pricing on large equipment orders through Tessco.

Denny - KF4TJI is in the process of creating a 2006 Club Calendar. If you have pictures that you would like to submit for the calendar, please put them on a CD for Denny, or e-mail pictures to Boyd - N5CTI for collection.

Norm - AI2C asked that if anyone is interested in sending comments to the FCC regarding killing "No-Code" please contact him, Gary - W4XJ, or Gary - NC4S.

Gary - NC4S asked the group if they would like to see another presentation from the Contest CD collection after the next meeting. The choices are Calculation of Terrain Analysis, or Rover. The group choice was the former. The meeting was adjourned at 10:26am.

David T. Mullins - K4ARP, Secretary LARG