LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for 16 October 2004

October Club Meeting Minutes - The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. on Saturday, October 16, 2004, by President Dale, K3CN, who then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 30 people attending.

A first-time visitor and new ham now living in Round Hill, Jeff Slusher, KE5APC, introduced himself.

The August 2004 LARG minutes taken by Paul, N4PD, were read by the Secretary, John, W4AU, and were approved as corrected.

Carol, KF4TJJ, reported for our Treasurer, Gary, NC4S, who was unable to attend the meeting. A beginning balance of $2296.46 on 7/31/04 had income of $86.73 and expenses of $248.47 leaving a balance of $2,134.72; the Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Larry, K3HE, mentioned he had more posters advertising LARG and our classes for amateur radio licenses.

Tom, WB3AKD, reported on the successful ARES training classes held at Loudoun Valley High School on September 17. Tom has CD's of the presentations that were given. Tom also said he still has T-shirts from the Dulles Airport drill and from the Reston Bike Club Century ride for all those who participated in those events. Tom stated that he is now on the Loudoun County EOC email distribution list, which gives him access the county emergency email notices. Tom also reported that the Reston Bike Club Century was a success and that we learned some valuable lessons for future events. One thing to consider is having a NCS station that is separate from any support function even if it is co-located with a support station.

Tom, WB3AKD, also reported for the Balloon Committee that we have not received any word that the payload from our last launch has been found. We will have to build a new payload package, but Tom has most of the components on hand. Tom noted that we still have the Sky-Eye still camera package that was put together by Bob Bee, W4POF.

Ray, K4AJA, asked the President to consider bestowing honorary membership on SK Bob, W4POF.

Tom, NA4MA, reported that the next building project is being launched. He is ordering 14 pocket APRS transmitters for club members. The kits should be here in a few weeks. Tom also had a Morse code training program on a floppy disk to distribute to interested club members.

Dale, K3CN, reported that the annual Christmas Dinner has to be organized and that he would try to get in touch with Xerxes, KI4CTW, who had volunteered to be in charge of this year's event.

Bill, WF1L, reported that the Technician Class training was proceeding well and the final class would be held on Friday, October 29. Bill also reported that Tom, NA4MA, was holding a General license class training session at his home every week.

Dave, K4ARP, reported that a group of club members are interested in developing VHF packet communications capability for emergency use. Contact Dave if you are interested in joining this project.

Tom, NA4MA, reported that 7 club members successfully completed the last building project, constructing the TenTec wattmeter kit.

Randy, W4RSA, reported that the Weather Service and Skywarn have been working on upgrading their manuals and membership lists. Check out the website for further Skywarn information.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John Unger, W4AU, Secretary