LARG Monthly Meeting
November 15, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 8:35am by Bill K8SYH.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and visitors were welcomed.

The October Minutes accepted as posted.

The Treasurer's report given and accepted.

Committee Reports

Balloon Committee – John W4AU

• Direction finding antenna test for today has been cancelled.
• No other reports at this time.

Public Service – Bill, K8SYH

• Attended Reston Bike Club meeting.
• Read Thank You Letter from the Reston Bike Club regarding our support of their event.
• Presented a donation from RBC for $500.00.

Interference – Paul N4PD

• No report

Training and Education – Steve KW4H

• Two classes to plan for the upcoming months – General Class and Basic Electronics.
• Looking for coordinators for both.
• Training materials are already on-hand, so little preparation is needed.

Field Day – Gary NC4S

• The Field Day 2008 official results are now posted by the ARRL. Congratulations to the club for fantastic job!

• We were #9 nationwide in total ranking.

Contest - John, W4AU

• This afternoon at 4pm ARRL Sweepstakes (SSB) begins.

     o The exchange is long: serial number, precedence, callsign, last two digits of the first year you were licensed,
section abbreviation. o You can only work each station once, regardless of band.

• This month CQ Worldwide will be held Thanksgiving weekend.

     o You can get DXCC in one weekend.

• The Ten-meter contest is coming soon.

Public Relations

• Press release being sent out about ranking in Field Day.

Holiday Party – December 12, 2008

• Doing the dinner differently – it will be pot luck.
• Dinner will be at the Hamilton Safety Center.
• We have to pay by the hour and pay a cleanup fee.
• *Motion by Jay, KI4TXP, seconded by Allon, KE4FYL that up to $600 be allocated from the club treasury for the Holiday Party and that people participating contribute $5.00 each to defray some of the cost. Motion passed.
• Jeff, KE5APC, reported that an ABC license has been obtained, but that the party will be BYOB.
• *Motion by John, W4AU, seconded by Gary, NC4S to allocate $500 for door prizes at the Holiday Party. The motion carried.
• *Another motion by Paul, N4PD, seconded by Jay, KI4UTB to add an additional $300 for door prizes due to the large turnout expected. Motion was defeated.

Old Business

Incorporation - Jay, KI4TXP indicated that there was no further report regarding incorporation to be made at this time.

New Business

Bill, K8SYH told the club that an electronic version of the signup sheet for the Holiday Party will be posted on the reflector.

Elections will be held at the January meeting for the coming year.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25am.

Respectfully submitted, Randy Sly, LARG Secretary


A reminder to all about Holy Trinity's inclement weather policy: if Loudoun County Schools are closed (or would be if it were a school day), all activities at the church are cancelled – this includes outside groups. This policy allows for parking lot clearing so snow is not packed down; and it is also a safety issue.