LARG Monthly Meeting
November 16, 2002

A meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group was held November 16, 2002, in the fellowship hall of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Leesburg. President Mark Gillam, N3GMW, called the meeting to order at 8:41 a.m. He led the 29 members and friends present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the October meeting were approved with an update from Jay Greeley that Loudoun's Red Cross Chapter had realized $13,000 from August's Reston bike rides. The report of treasurer Tom Garasic, NA4MA, was approved as presented. A motion was approved to pay for helium, a regulator, hoses, rental of tanks and other associated fees for future balloon launches. A second motion was approved to allocate an additional $350 to the balloon fund.


There was no report for ARES/Emergency Services.

Balloon - Committee chairman Tom Dawson, WB3AKD, announced that the postponed November meeting date launch was possible for December 7th; determination would be made by 12/2/02.

Contest - John Unger, W4AU, encouraged participation in the ARRL Sweepstakes for that weekend. He reviewed rules, the required exchange and scoring procedures. For your score to count towards a club total in any ARRL contest, your entry must identify us as Loudoun ARG. You might also work the CQ World Wide contest on November 23rd-24th and ARRL's 10 meter contest on December 14th-15th.

FAR - Dick Maylott, W2YE, reported that he and Bill McCourt, WF1L, attended the last meeting and noted that LARG has been duly reinstalled as a member. Auto Call has a new editor who would like articles on club activities and would also appreciate a copy of the club logo.

Public Service - Tom, WB3AKD, will again set up a net control station in the town office building for "Leesburg First Night" on December 31st. Please volunteer for LARG's participation in this event.

Repeater - Dave Putman, KG4KZZ, noted that we had not yet heard about our membership status in TMARC, but that they had rejected our request for specific frequency allocations. Questions about using the two meter or 440 band and new or used equipment still remain.

Training - Bill Buchholz, K8SYH, reported that the fall Technician classes had been cancelled because of a lack of students. He encouraged trying again in the spring. He is stepping down as training coordinator because he and Bettieanne will soon be moving to central Virginia.

Website - Norm Styer, AI2C, mentioned recent pictures and info on the site (includes the shacks of Bill, WF1L, and Joe Sheinman, W2BHK). Ask Norm about the members' only page and roster info.


LARG's Holiday Dinner is set for 12/18/02 at Leesburg's Tuscarora Mill; reservations due by 12/2/02.


Jay Greeley mentioned a recent Emergency Management meeting in Salt Lake City, a Dulles area emergency exercise and Red Cross disaster plans. He'll talk futher with Tom, WB3AKD, Loudoun ARES coordinator.

Some club members and other users of 147.480 have noticed interference from an Echo-Link network station. The only recourse for this legitimate allocated use is to change "the club" frequency. Despite some comments that Leesburg pager interference might be more problematic there, a motion was approved to change, as necessary, to 146.565.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol L. Boehler, KF4TJJ