LARG Monthly Meeting
21 May 2011

Bryan Stephens started meeting at 8:35am


    -   Manassas Hamfest June 12
    -   Field day shirts, pins and hats are in.

Minutes Accepted

Treasurer's Report Accepted


PR: none

Balloon: none

Training: Scouts are looking for a date that they would like to do a Technicians class.


    -   WAGE is being picked up on home phones.

    -   Recon Scout Not a primary user on frequency band, no licence granted to company.
    -   440 auction issue has not gone away, support ARRL spectrum defence fund.
    -   Skyterra L-band close to GPS. Poor shielding on commercial GPS receivers may allow interference.


    -   Congressman Wolf would like to attend Field Day. We need a letter from the club president to his office.
    -   Has Randy Sly been contacted?
    -   On site meeting last week.
    -   AB577 and push up mast at Gary's house after the June 18 meeting.
    -   Big board sign up available.
    -   Chris Painter will arrive late to FD, Earl will assist.

YL: Convention in July in Boston. Raffle tickets available for scholarship fund.


SDR - Frank and Bill

Nets: 2m and HF nets going well
Digital net would like more participation.
YL always looking for new folks.

Repeaters: Frank is in Dayton, 31 machine doing well.
Dave, Purcellville not TX or RX well. Dave and Sean will be working on it today.
Sterling is on the air, squelch issues.
Another site for repeat may be available.

Old Business: Balloon, do we need helium

Patches, no report.

Pins, nothing new, awaiting samples.

New Business: Renewed insurance, $200.

The church is sponsoring a yard sale, June 4. Drop off items 5:30 - 7:30 this week at church.


Program: Bryan had a video about ham radio equipment being modified for military use during WW2.

Respectfully Submitted By Doug Johnson, KJ4BRN


A reminder to all about Holy Trinity's inclement weather policy: if Loudoun County Schools are closed (or would be if it were a school day), all activities at the church are cancelled – this includes outside groups. This policy allows for parking lot clearing so snow is not packed down; and it is also a safety issue.