LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for May 21, 2005

The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

We had one visitor - Jack Brown KI4KEY (he will have to become a big time CW operator!)

The minutes from the last meeting were not read as agreed to by those present (meeting minutes had been sent out on the reflector prior to the meeting)

Treasurer's report - (check this, Carol) Balance 2955.89 in general fund, 273.17 in the Balloon fund. The treasurer was missing and presumed at Dayton. We hope that he did not spend all of the Balance there on frivolous ham gear or other junk.

Training - Dennis KF4TJI is looking for students (and probably instructors). The first class in this Technician class license session will be on 3 June at 7:00 PM at Harmony Church in Purcellville.

Public Service, Emergency Services --

Recognition of participants for Potomac Safety Day (Carol, if you know all of these, maybe you can list them).

MS Bike-a-thon is today and tomorrow (21 and 22 May) and several LARG'ers are participating.

U.S. Trail ride is next Sunday (29 May).

Field Day -- Notional plan for APRS on Field Day, check Bob Bruniga's (WB4APR) web page. Field day is June 25 and 26 this year at Banshee Reeks Park. Mike, W0YR, will be helping new CW ops who want to try operating CW in a "contest" at field day. Please see Mike and sign up with him at your selected time.

Mike, W0YR, is also opening up his station next weekend for the WPX contest (28,29 May). Please contact Mike if you wish to operate a few hours or for the whole contest!

Interference Committee -- no report

FAR -- no report (no reps present)

LARG Calendars still for Sale, but now at 1/2 price -- $2.50 -- Please contact Denny, KF4TJI.

Field Day Pens are still available ($6.00, quantity discounts available). Proceeds go the LARG General Fund. Contact Paul, N4PD.

Adventure Explorer Group -- K8SYH, Bill, needs 4-6 volunteers primarily for this fall. Contact Bill for more information.

West Virginia Star Party Special Event Station, K8S, will be on the air starting 2 June 2005. See novac/ahsp web site.

HR 691 (Spectrum Defense Bill) -- Sign up today or send an email to K4ARP so our comments can be sent to Congressman Wolf. You must reside in Congressman Wolf's district to add you name and callsign to the comment letter.

There was a discussion about buying insurance for the club and also incorporating as a 503c organization -- the club will look into this and the topic will be brought up for discussion at the next meeting. (Carol, was anyone specifically going to look into this?)

Sunday Night Net -- There was discussion about when the net should start. Not much preference was voiced as to whether it should continue at its current time of 8 PM on Sunday, or whether the time should be delayed by about half an hour. Carol, KF4TJJ, proposed the normal time for next week (29 May) and then changing the time to 8:30 at least throughout the summer. Stay tuned to the LARG Email Reflector for the latest on this.

The Howard County Hamfest is next Sunday (29 May).

The Manassas Hamfest
is the following Sunday (5 June).

Larry, K3HE, proposed a certificate for Pete McNeil for providing Web Hosting for the past 5 years. This will be revisited at the June meeting.

Mike, W0YR
, urged club members to read the ARRL band plan in the June issue of QST or on the ARRL website. Be prepared to discuss at the next (June) meeting to possibly formulate a club response. (This is your homework, and there will be a test!)

Respectfully submitted for Dave, K4ARP, by Paul, N4PD