LARG Monthly Meeting
June 18, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 8:33 A.M. EST by LARG President Luther Guise, K5NOB. There were 37 attendees present.

Minutes from the May 2011 meeting were approved without change. Jeff KE5APC, presented the posted treasurers report. The Treasurer's report was approved as presented/posted.

The following new guests/new members were present:

Visitor: Judith Wodyuski (XYL of Mike K2LEK)

General Information

Bill Fenn, N4TS announced the special event station that AMRAD is hosting at the Manassass Battlefield, July 21-24. Two stations will be on the air: W3U and W3C from 8am to 8pm. QRP / CW / SSB / PSK31. Interested operators should contact Bill with License Plate, vehicle type. [email protected].

Jeff KE5APC brought FD shirts and hats for those that had ordered through the club. May Balance 1249.89, June Balance 1249.89.

Henry, K2BFY presented two VAQP plaques:
John Unger W4AU, VAQP 2011 Single Operator CW High Power
Norm Styer AI2C, VAQP 2011 Virginia Single Operator High Power

Judy Wodyuski announced that Morven Park would be open July 4.

Gene May WB8WKU, has a AB577 manual available that describes guy layout.

Committee Reports

Public Service

Jay Ives KI4TXP, attended a meeting with the MS bike ride coordinator. The ride takes place around Middleburg in early June. The ham radio coordinator may resign and LARG might be asked to work the event. Similar to the Reston Bike Ride, 6 stations plus SAGs.

Balloon None


Jay Greeley has invited the scout to Field Day and is trying to find a date for a training class with them.


John Unger, absent. Reminder, Field Day is not a contest.


Norm is getting together pictures of post offices in Loudoun County.


Rick AI1V, the 440MHz HR bill is in limbo.
Light Squared L-Band satellite system with ground repeater has received a experimental license from the FCC. Similar network design as XM/Sirius. Poor quality GPS receivers will not work well with this system.


Dave WA4TXE, reporting interference problems in Charlestown.

Field Day

Chris KB3RUR, please check the potluck sign up and the supplies needed on the email reflector.

Station Reports

VHF Chris Patton W3CUM, helping Bill N4TS and Frank K0BRA. Battery power.

#1 Honda Power
Extended double zepp with poles
John Westerman WB5ODJ will pick up AB577 from Tom S.

#2 Jay Ives, using Norms AB577. Will have a 80m dipole.

#3 John Unger, Delta Loop

#4 Rick Denny KR9D and Luther K5NOB will use Rick's AB577 and the clubs 20m Yagi

GOTA Doug KJ4BRN and Dave KE4OKY will use the club's AB577 and 15m Yagi. Will be on battery power.

#5 Paul N4PD, will have solar chargers

training Friday evening.

John Westerman will have the network ready.

Luther to invite Rep. Frank Wolfe.

Gary NC4S, looking for overnight operators for 20 phone and 20 cw.


Carole KF4TJJ, YL Convention is in Quincy Mass in July. Raffle tickets $1 each for the scholarship fund.


Bryan KG4UPR, upcoming programs include, SDR, HAARP. Nothing heard from WAGE yet about tour.

Net Reports

2m Luther, good participation.
Digital Bryan, Norm and Ken.
CW Bill K4SYH, A couple of checkins each week.
HF Norm, very active, looking for a 10m net control.
YL Luther, two or three checkins each week.


310 Frank K0BRA, everything working.

Dave WA4TXE, footprint improved, new Husler and directional antennas in Purcellville

Sterling, off air, unit being checked by Rick AI1V.
Echolink Jeff, coming back soon.
Tower raising party in Charlestown.
Purcellville, standby power coming soon.


Luther, bring your emergency info cards to Field Day.

Rick, Pins, Ken got samples in LARG logo, setup charge $125.
$2.36 per pin for the first 100 pieces.
Pin pricing next meeting.

Patches, $8.50 per 100.

Insurance paid and in effect.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:55am

Doug Johnson KJ4BRN
LARG Secretary


A reminder to all about Holy Trinity's inclement weather policy: if Loudoun County Schools are closed (or would be if it were a school day), all activities at the church are cancelled - this includes outside groups. This policy allows for parking lot clearing so snow is not packed down; and it is also a safety issue.