LARG Monthly Meeting
June 17, 2006

The meeting was called to order by President Boyd, N5CTI at 8:40am. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


The minutes of the April meeting were approved as corrected. Club Secretary Randy Sly promised to always put an '8' and not a '4' in Bill Buccholz's from this time forth and forever more.


The treasurer's report was approved as presented by Gary, NC4S, Club Treasurer.


Emergency/Public Service - Tom, WB3AKD, gave a report on the Loudoun exercise which was held Friday, June 16th. Among highlights of the exercise was the establishment of a successful WiFi link, more Web EOC exposure, and a good opportunity for more Emergency Communications learning. Tom thanked the many volunteers that participated in the setup and exercise. By way of excitement, the WiFi trailer at the grocery parking lot was visited by security officers, the Leesburg Police Department as well as representatives of the FCC enforcement bureau (who were not there officially).


The bike ride in August is the next regularly scheduled public service event.


Balloon - Tom, WB3AKD, reported that there is nothing new on our balloon project.


Contests - Norm, AI2C presented an additional Up and Comer Award to Meg, N4OGE. He has two more awards for KG4YQP and K0ZR.

The IARU HF World Championship will take place the second week in July.

Also, congratulations to NC4S for a plaque for high score, single op, CW only for the VA QSO party.


Interference - Ian, KI4HLV, gave us a report on tracking down the APRS interference that has been plaguing Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland for several weeks. He explained why the voice interference (believed to be a UI View voice identifier) was hard to track, due to the intermittent nature of the transmissions mixed in with other transmissions. The station was finally located near Fed Ex Stadium


Old Business


1.      Tom, WB3AKD, reports that the coax orders are in and available for pickup if you have not already received your order.

2.      Henry, K2BFY, has K7QO Code course disks available for $3.00 a piece.


Field Day - Jeff, KE5APC, gave an update on Field Day 2006 as follows:

  • Citing the write-up in the Washington Post, thanks was given to Randy Sly for PR work and the others who contributed to the article.
  • Updates on activities are posted on the website in the Field Day Section.
  • There are still openings for positions on most stations.
  • We still need an operator and rig for Talk-in at the site.
  • Norm, AI2C, gave us quick preview of his portable tower that will be used for the 15m beam at Field Day.
  • Paul, N4PD, gave a 'last call' for station captains to get with him concerning the logging program and computer needs.
  • The 20m beam was still an issue.
  • Tom, WB3AKD, mentioned that the VHF/UHF station needed operators. We will be using the AMRAD van for station setup. Also, a satellite station will be active during Field Day.
  • Dave, KE4S, noted that Field Day APRS activity will take place on 145.01. He asked that nearby stations QSY to that frequency to help with the demo.
  • Charlie, K4LJH, gave an update on food, including the Saturday evening Pot Luck.
  • Randy, W4XJ, reported that media contacts had all been made as well as those with government officials. He had already received many regrets from officials and asked that anyone with connections contact the officials they knew and invite them.
  • Antenna setup was scheduled for 1600 EDT on Friday with tear-down at 1400 EDT Sunday.


New Business


President Boyd, N5CTI reported that Lloyd Mansfield, WD5JDQ, of Purcellville, has decided to donate his old-ish station to the club. He hasn't hardly used it since his father passed away a few years back, and his schedule combined with deed restrictions have persuaded him to give up Amateur Radio. He'd like for the station to be used as the club sees fit. Gary, NC4S, will be picking it up.


Boyd also reminded the club that a volunteer to coordinate the December holiday party was needed.


Denny, KF4TJI, reported that Steve Hood donated HT's to the club, but they are on Red Cross frequencies. He asked if they should just be passed on the Red Cross, which seemed to be the consensus of the group.


Door prizes were awarded from goodies obtained at the Dayton Hamvention thanks to Paul, N4PD.


The motion to adjourn was heard and seconded. The meeting was dismissed at 9:57am.


Respectfully submitted,


Randy Sly, W4XJ