LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for June 18, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. on Saturday, June 18, 2005, by President Carol - KF4TJJ, who then lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 29 people in attendance.

Visitors and new members were recognized and welcomed by the club. Returning member Gabe - KF4YBW reintroduced himself.

The April 2005 minutes were read by Secretary David - K4ARP and approved. The May 2005 minutes (no quorum) were read and will be entered in the record as corrected.

The Treasurer's report was read by Gary - NC4S and approved as presented.


Training: Denny: KF4TJI reported that two students are taking the current technician class. There are more slots available for teachers, see Denny. There will be another technician class this fall on Friday evenings with two students already enrolled.

Emergency Services / Public Services: Tom - WB4AKD reminded everyone of the upcoming Reston Bike Club Ride on August 28th.

Interference Committee: Nothing to report.

FAR: Bill - WF1L had nothing to report. David - K4ARP has posted the AutoCall club submission for June.

Contests: Jack - K4VV purchased a DVD set of the PVRC Contest College for use by the club. Gary - NC4S said the set will be available for loan to club members. Gary is also looking into setting up a program to view DVDs after the club meetings. Jack - K4VV mentioned that there is an upcoming opportunity to get salvaged sections of Rohn tower. Check with Jack if you are interested. The club congratulated our 2005 VA QSO Party plaque winners Kurt - KI4FWB for High Single Operator VHF Only and Norm - AI2C for High Virginia Single Operator All Mode.

Balloon Committee: Tom - WB4AKD is trying for a launch during the third week of July. The launch will take place instead of the meeting. If the launch is postponed the meeting will take place as usual.

Field Day 2005 - June 25 & 26: Boyd - N5CTI (Field Day Captain) still has operator slots to fill, send your requested time(s) and station(s) to Norm - AI2C. Station Captains discussed equipment needs and any last minute concerns On Friday the 24th, the antenna party will start at 1600hrs. Talk in will be on 147.48. Charlie - K4LJH (Food Captain) passed around the menu sign up sheet for Saturday evening dinner and reviewed the food plan for the event.

David - K4ARP announced that the press releases for field day had been sent and that Randy - W4XJ's idea of having the last week of June proclaimed "Loudoun Amateur Radio Week" by the County Commission had been realized. David - K4ARP will be sending out press releases this weekend and all are invited to attend the ceremony June 21st at the Loudoun Government Building starting at 0930hrs. Jack - K4VV suggested that we all contact our representatives and invite them to the field day activities and to send the press release to Congressman Wolf. David - K4ARP will contact the Leesburg Today Newspaper and try and arrange for an article to be written highlighting the event and the role amateurs play in the county.

The H.R. 691
support sheet for was passed around for additional member sign up.

Dave - KE4S mentioned that a similar Spectrum Defense Bill has now been introduced into the Senate.

Paul - N4PD setup a TR Log demonstration after the meeting.


Venture Crew: BA spoke to the District Commissioner for Goose Creek regarding the best way to get scouts interested. He suggested making up some flyers and attending the September Joint Scouting Night to recruit members. Once done, a charter for the venture crew can be submitted in the fall. Candidates for the crew must be 13+ years old, or have passed the 8th grade.

Star Party: Alan - KB3LVU reports that their special event station K4S made around 100 QSOs despite the wet weather. They did get a tour of the facility and some good stargazing on Saturday evening.

Carol - KF4TJJ has the certificate of appreciation for Craig Brown N4FSC for the use of his repeater for the club's Sunday Night Net Meetings. Carol contacted Craig to present the certificate, but he was not able to attend today's meeting and the certificate will be presented to him on another date.

LARG Calendars and Field Day Pens
are still available for sale and all proceed are donated to the club.

Carol - KF4TJJ is looking for volunteers to host the Sunday Night On Air Meetings. See Carol to sign up.


Kurt - KI4FWB was congratulated for recently passing his General License Exam. Chris - KI4BRG was congratulated for recently passing his Extra License Exam.

Don - K8DSJ
noted that during the upcoming Frederick Ham Fest all license upgrade exams will be free of charge.

Tom - NA4MA is still looking for more line handlers for his Sunday the 19th antenna party - lunch will be served.

Gary - NC4S asked the members if the club should have replacement insurance on the tower trailer. The cost is between $80-$100/yr. for a value of between $1,600-$1,800. A motion was made and approved to buy the insurance.

BA volunteered to be this years Christmas Dinner Party Captain.

Gary - NC4S raffled off 4 repeater directories and raised $33.75 for the club.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15am.

David T. Mullins - K4ARP, Secretary LARG