LARG Monthly Meeting
July 15, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Dave Putman, KE4S, at 8:40am with 25 members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


The minutes of the June meeting and the Treasurer's Report were both approved as submitted.


Committee Reports


Balloon - Tom, WB3AKD, reported that the balloon manufacturer we used in now out of business. New sources for balloons are available, but they will be more expensive. Henry, K2BFY, donated a weather balloon to the club.


Emergency/Public Service - Tom, WB3AKD, had nothing new to report from this past month.


The Reston Bike Ride in August is the next regularly scheduled public service event.


The Octoberfest in Lovettsville, which is held at the end of September/first of October, is looking for radio support. More information will be forthcoming.


Contests - nothing to report


Interference - Mark, W3ZI, reported an Echolink transmission speaking exclusively a foreign language has been picked up. This shows future problems that could be possible in VOIP communications. He also reported that a new OO is needed for the Section.


Old Business


Coax - Tom, WB3AKD, reports that he still has coax available for those who signed up.


Field Day - Jeff, KE5APC, gave an after-action report on Field Day 2006:

  • The final report to be submitted to the ARRL is underway and needs to be in this week. More photos are needed.
  • He reported that, due to the excellent work by the station captains and other volunteers, his job as chairman was very easy.
  • This was a successful Field Day
    • We set up respectable stations under battery power.
    • We made a lot of contact in spite of the weather.
    • We made progress in the area of community relations, including a visit by State Sen. Mark Herring. Our thanks to Randy Sly for making that happen.
    • Two-thirds of the club membership participated in Field Day in some manner.
  • Recognition Awards were handed out.
    • Tom Dawson - WB3AKD In grateful appreciation for working diligently to log those "hardest to chase, weakest and most elusive signals"
    • Angi Garasic - KG4AVR In grateful appreciation for getting up before dawn and preparing a wonderful pancake breakfast
    • Tom Garasic - NA4MA Greatest team player - Signs, Antennas, Operator, Set-up, Tear-down
    • Paul Dluehosh - N4PD Multi-tasking award -- for managing the logging function, managing station 3, copying the W1AW message, and being among the last to leave
    • Kurt Reber - KI4FWB Best recruiter
    • Charlie Preston - K4LJH Best long range planning and superb execution as Food Captain
    • Mary Preston Most indispensable Field Day team member
    • Gary Quinn - NC4S "Mr. Multi-tasker" - Antennas, CW operation, support of all facets of Field Day
    • Randy Sly - W4XJ For outstanding contributions as publicity captain, public information, and for bringing a Virginia State Senator to the field day site
    • Special Recognition Award to Norm Styer - AI2C For significant contributions to the success of Field Day 2006 including special antenna design, management of 80M/15M CW station, supporting all other operators, & being "the first to arrive and the last to leave"


Donated Station - Merc, N4TGA stated that we are still looking for suggestions on how to use the donated equipment. The TS-930S was checked out and is in working condition. A storage location for the equipment is also needed.


Holiday Dinner - Meg, N4OGE, our Holiday Dinner Coordinator has set the date of December 5 for the dinner at That's Amore Restaurant in Cascades. She needs an estimated count soon.

New Business


Antenna Project - Stevens Miller, WA4LDA, told the club that he was looking for other hams to help work on an antenna restriction project for the HOA Board in the Broadlands.


Photos - Norm, AI2C, made a call for any additional pictures of Field Day that could be posted on our website.


The motion to adjourn was heard and seconded. The meeting was dismissed at 9:20am.


Respectfully submitted,


Randy Sly, W4XJ