LARG Monthly Meeting
January 18, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Henry Weidman, K2BFY, at 8:45 am, Saturday, January 18, 2014, at the Leesburg Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 605 West Market Street, Leesburg, VA. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag to the United States Of America was recited.

In attendance:

1. Norm Styer AI2C
2. Merc Skaggs N4TGA
3. Mike Wodynski K2LEK
4. Judy Wodynski K4LEK
5. Chris Patton W3CUM
6. Nycole Klein
7. Eric Carlson AJ4LN
8. Bill Robbins KJ4VTH
9. Ken Sullivan JK4GYL
10. Eric Paul KI4NHV
11. Ben Packard N3FQ
12. Chris Krisiad KT9N
13. Stephen Greene KS1G
14. Jim Stowers K4FW
15. Denny Boehler KF4TJI
16. Gene Harrison N3EV
17. Dwight Dopilka N2ALA
18. David Boltson WA4TXE
19. Doug Coulter K4AIU
20. Carol Boehler KF4TJJ
21. Dodson Brown AJ4EY
22. Marcy Brown KJ4GYH
23. Val Pavlenko
24. Paul Dluehosh N4PD
25. John Unger W4AU
26. Dick Maylott W2YE
27. Nancy Dluehosh N1NCY
28. Frank Gentges K0BRA
29. Lloyd Harting KJ4BXA
30. Luther Guise K5NOB
31. Henry Weidman K2BFY
32. John Westerman, W5ODJ
33. Jay Greeley KI4UTB
34. Gene May WB8WKU
35. Bob Rodriguez KJ4NXG
36. Shannon Klee KK4NMR
37. Wade Robert
38. Dave Putman KE4S

First meeting of 2014


• Quin Volton
• Mike Lonneke, W0YR
• Wade Robert
• Shannon KK4NMR

Contesting update: John Unger

North American QSO party (SSB version). 12 hours starting at 1300 local time until 0100 local time. For people to talk to each other in North America. Exchange: Name and State. Work all bands (10-160). Work duplicates on all unique bands. Lot of fun and very easy. The call is "CQ NA".

ARRL DX comes up in February

Norm gave an update on all the yearly contests with a full listing to pass around. In particular the Centennial Contest by ARRL and how to work that contest.

See reflector for more information.

See also DX Marathon on the reflector. We didn't go over this much detail. Everyone teaming up to figure out an obvious way to beat Norm Styer. Results pretty slim.

VHF/UHF Simplex contest (N4PD)

Next weekend is the Technician class. Need someone to help in the review portion.

Feb 15 2014 is next meeting.

Elections are today. Nominating committee:


• Henry Weidman, President
• Ken Sullivan, Vice President
• Luther Guise, Treasurer
• John Westerman, Secretary
• There is space for write in if desired


• Henry, President
• Ken Sullivan, Vice President
• Luther Guise, Treasurer
• John Westerman, Secretary

Door prizes were distributed en masse.

2012 VA QSO Party Certificate: KS1G, Steve Green, Completed the contest on his bicycle

Norm Styer Thursday night HF net update

Dave KE4S Awards:

DX Marathon

• John Unger, Unlimited CW high score
• Norm Styer, Unlimited MIXED high score
• Ben Pierson KE7UIY, Formula 2, Mixed Mode, high score
• Steve Greene Formula 2, Digital only, high score

Member update by Henry Weidman:

• We ended 2012 with 73 members
• We ended 2013 with 103 members
• Attendance at meetings hit peaks of over 40 members
• Attendance at Wegmans lunch meetings peaked at 28 members
• We had a presentation or program at every meeting
• We conducted 3 Technician training sessions
• We had an outstanding Field Day
• Held training session for new ham HTs
• We performed at public service events likethe Reston Bike Ride and Lovettsville Oktoberfest
• The FOX hunt was fun for everyone who attended
• We had a great Holiday Party

and goals for 2014:
• 140 members
• Talk about LARG during QSOs
• Attendance at club meetings
• Another FOX hunt
• More technician training
• Good Field Day
• Encourage member participation

Member goal for 2014: 140

Motion to pay expenses for singers at the holiday party
: All in favor

Next Month: KE7UIY presentation on Android to display what county you are in while mobile.

Regards, John Westerman

A reminder to all about Holy Trinity's inclement weather policy: if Loudoun County Schools are closed (or would be if it were a school day), all activities at the church are cancelled - this includes outside groups. This policy allows for parking lot clearing so snow is not packed down; and it is also a safety issue.