LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for January 15, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. on Saturday, January, 15, 2005, by President Dale, K3CN, who then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 34 people attending.

The November 2004 LARG minutes were read by the Secretary, John, W4AU, and were approved. No regular club meeting had been held in December due to the Annual LARG Holiday Dinner.

Our Treasurer, Gary, NC4S, reported that the club had a beginning balance of $2,635.10 on November 1. The club had expenses of $371.73 for door prizes and at the Holiday Dinner and receipts of $1321.00 for the dinner. We also received and $0.97 for interest. The current balance is $3,585.34, and the Treasurer's report was approved as presented. The Treasurer noted that we have not received the bill for the Holiday Dinner from the Beautiful South restaurant.

Tom, WB3AKD, reported that the communications support provided by LARG for Leesburg First Night went exceptionally well and that the fine weather brought out over 5000 people. He reported that over 20 LARG members participated in this communications drill and that our presence was well appreciated by the organizers. John, W4AU, gave a brief description of the SSB version of North American QSO Party that began later that afternoon.

Dale, K3CN, announced that the club was actively looking for a new Chair for the Training Committee.

Larry, K3HE, announced that he had to step down as the Chair of the Public Relations Committee. The President commended Larry for his fine work during the past two years and reminded club members of all the excellent publicity that the club had received through Larry's efforts.

Dale, K3CN, reported that the Annual Holiday Dinner was a success. Thirty-six LARG members and friends enjoyed a fine evening of excellent food and fellowship at the Beautiful South restaurant in Hamilton. Gary, NC4S, put together a fine list of door prizes, and Tom, WB3AKD, won the top prize, a 2-meter mobile radio.

Dale, K3CN, also showed off some beautiful LARG wall calendars that had been made by Denny, KF4TJI. These month-by-month calendars feature excellent color photographs of LARG club members at various club events during the year. The calendars are for sale for $5.00 and all the proceeds are to be donated to club. Over 40 calendars were sold at the meeting, so get in touch with Denny to get your own copy as soon as possible before the supply runs out! Thank you, Denny, for this fine idea and product.

The meeting was then turned over to Paul, N4PD, and the rest of the Nominating Committee, Mark, W3ZI, and Dave, KE4S, for the election of officers for. 2005. The slate of officers they presented consisted of President, Carol Boeler, KF4TJJ; Vice President, Boyd Garrett, N5CTI; Treasurer, Gary Quinn, NC4S; and Secretary, Dave Mullins, K4ARP. No nominations were received from the floor. Ballots were passed out to all club members present and counted by the Nominating Committee, and the officers presented by the Nominating Committee were elected unanimously.

Dale, K3CN, then turned the remainder of the meeting over to the new President, Carol, KF4TJJ.

Tom, WB3AKD, reported that interest on forming a new ARRL Section for Northern Virginia was growing and that the next meeting on this subject was to be held at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Leesburg (the regular LARG meeting place) on February 12, 2005 from 1000 to 1400. A motion was made and seconded to appoint Tom as the LARG representative at this meeting. An lively discussion followed, and an informal straw vote indicated that at this time the majority of club members were in favor of forming a new Northern Virginia Section. The motion was approved.

Tom also cautioned club members to keep a close eye on the deliberations of Loudoun County Zoning Committee as they consider revisions to the 1993 zoning rules and how they may change or revise the tower ordinance.

Visitors and new club members were recognized, and the club welcomed Charles Graham, KI4IEO, of Leesburg and Ian McFadyan, KI4HLV and G4JMM, from McLean, to LARG.

Carol, KF4TJJ, announced that a number of LARG committees had no Chairs and that she would actively seek members to fill these positions.

Our Treasurer, Gary, NC4S, then conduced door-prize raffle for all of those present who had paid their 2005 dues at the meeting. Lucky winners went home with some Yaesu hats and the special LARG Field Day illuminated pens.

The meeting was adjourned at 0945.

Respectfully submitted,

John Unger, W4AU, Secretary