LARG Monthly Meeting
January 20, 2001

President Ray Houff, K4AJA, called the meeting to order at 8:45 a.m. and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ray thanked Paul Bock, K4MSG, for arranging meeting space at Bethany United Methodist Church in Purcellville and to all for coming to this meeting.

The secretary's minutes from November were read and approved. It was reported that 24 people attended LARG's 3rd annual Christmas dinner on 12/7/00.

Treasurer Tom Garasic, NA4MA, reported LARG account transactions from mid-November which included a $500 anonymous donation. Ray noted this will greatly help club projects. Account balance as of 1/20/01 is $1,118.25 with $297.31 allocated for the balloon fund.

Bill Buchholz, K8SYH, for Training and Mark Gillam, N3GMW, for Public Service reported nothing new for their committees at this time. Erik Werner, KD5CTJ, for Emergency Service was out of the country at meeting time.

Norm Styer, AI2C, invited everyone to look over. The first page has been nicely restructured. Ray suggested a letter be sent to Pete, KF4HCW, for his generosity in registering our club web-site.

Tom Dawson, WB3AKD, requested anyone wanting a patch from the successful October 2000, Balloon mission to see him after the meeting. Temp, W4HZV, commended the group; he was travelling the morning of the flight and could hear the signal all the way down to Christiansburg. From info supplied by Larry McCaig, KC1YC, Tom submitted a proposal to win a processor to be used in future flights. Selections are 2/1/01.

John Unger, W4AU, requested point totals from all members working the 10 meter contest in December for inclusion in the club entry. He encouraged participation in the ARRL DX Contest is in February and the VA QSO Party is in March; more on that next month.

Gary Quinn, NC4S, reported on the Field Day 2001 meeting at his home 1/10/01. Plans are for LARG to participate in category 5A: two HF stations completely battery operated and the other three off generators. Computer logging will be used. Tom, WB3AKD, has volunteered to set up a VHF and satellite station. Antenna set-up is scheduled for Friday (6/23/01) beginning about 4 or 5 p.m. Station set-up will be on Saturday a.m. A meal will be served on Friday evening. Sunday breakfast will be prepared for the through-the-night Saturday operators. Gary distributed Equipment Resource forms to be returned to him asap. Don, KC1AT, is supplying 24 volt batteries. Station location and specifics, the ops plan, antenna needs and how to deal with logging operations are yet to be determined. TR log training will begin next month as an end of meeting exercise. Gary asked anyone who would like to serve as a coordinator to see him after the meeting; captains are needed for safety, antennas, computers, other equipment, stations, food, and pins. Norm, AI2C, will again do publicity. The next Field Day Committee meeting is Wednesday (1/24/01) at the Purcellville Library.

Norm, AI2C, asked for two volunteers for Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on club frequency to make a very slow CW contact with a scout working on his radio merit badge.

Ray was thanked for all his work and support as LARG President throughout 2000. He received a standing ovation from the group. 1/20/01 LARG Meeting - page 2/2

For the Election Committee (Mark, N3GMW; Paul, N4PD; and John, W4AU) John presented the slate of officers for 2001: President - Dennis Boehler, KF4TJI; Vice President - Mark Gillam, N3GMW; Secretary - Carol Boehler, KF4TJJ; and Treasurer - Tom Garasic, NA4MA. Ballots were distributed, marked and collected. Paul, K4MSG helped John and Paul count votes; all were elected unanimously.

During the count, Tom, NA4MA, asked about any club contest(s) for this year. He pro-posed a slow CW contest or, at least, a slow CW net. Gary,NC4S, commented on a grid contest he and John, W4AU, had discussed; more on this next month. LARG 2000 Club Contest winners will also be announced next month when, hopefully, all logs should be in.

Newly elected President Denny, KF4TJI, invited all to club meetings the third Saturday of most months. February's meeting (2/17/01) will be at 8:30 a.m. at the Leesburg Public Safety Building (on Plaza Street). LARG's March meeting will again be held at Bethany United Methodist Church in Purcellville. Denny asked for input on meeting agenda items and activities for the club for this year. Check the club web-site and reflector for news of various projects and committee meeting times.

LARG is an ARRL affiliated club. As such, we need to have at least 50% of our members also to be ARRL members. In 12/00, 26 of 53 LARG members were also ARRL members.

LARG has several members registered with Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). To help with training for net control operators, Dennis is asking various people to lead the club's Sunday night on air meetings (8:00 p.m. on 147.480). Tom, WB3AKD, is the new Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Loudoun County ARES. Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on 146.415 is an ARES net. Watch Loudoun ARES reflector for news of a calling tree, message text form for passing traffic, and a deployment exercise within the next six to seven months.

Denny read parts of a communications for assistance with a June signal corps Civil War reenactment. Others had seen the request and thought it general and vague.

Names given to Allon Stern, KE4FYL, on his request regarding APRS were Temp, W4HZV; Wes Boxwell, WA4TSC; and Erik, KD5CTJ.

When Bruce Patterson, W3OW, asked about the Red Cross station, he was told LARG is, as per previous arrangements, waiting for word from Red Cross personnel on this.

Paul, N4PD, thanked all who participated with LARG in communications for Leesburg First Night (12/31/00). He asked that at least one other LARG member join the First Night Committee. They meet monthly throughout the year.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol L. Boehler,
KF4TJJ, Secretary