LARG Monthly Meeting
February 16, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 8:35am by Bill, K8SYH. The pledge of allegiance was said with 34 members present.


Welcome was given to guests and new members. There were a number of new hams present who were recently licensed through the Technician Class boot camp.


The minutes were accepted as published on the LARG website.


Treasurer's report was read and accepted as presented.



Committee Reports


Public Service/Emergency Service - Tom Dawon, WB3AKD

Tom reported that about 20 LARG members had a tour of the new EOC for Loudoun County. ARES has a special room dedicated to amateur radio. They will be running dedicated antenna lines for us to the roof and installing antennas including a VHF/UHF vertical, an HF Vertical, and an HF dipole.


There may be an emergency exercise in March. We have not received any additional information, however.


Tom talked about 802.11 and digital data capabilities for emergency communications in Loudoun County. This is something we need to be looking at more carefully. Development of a Web EOC-like Internet solution for Amateur Radio is currently in the works.


Web EOC training is currently scheduled at several times in the future. Please check the LARG website and reflector for more information.


 Balloon Committee - Tom Dawson, WB3AKD

The Balloon Committee meeting is scheduled to hold a meeting on February 27th at the VFW Hall from 7-9pm. A slideshow of previous launches will be shown and preparation for a future launch will be discussed.


Interference Committee - Paul Dluehosh, N4PD

PL tone has been on the 145.310 repeater for quite awhile and has taken care of blocking out most interference. No other report needed to be given.


Education/Training - Steve Reed, KW4H

Steve reported on our Educational supplies inventory that is available to the club. He is looking for additional instructors for another Technician class in the fall. Classes for General will be started soon; slides for the class are currently being prepared.

Report from Examinations

  • 98% pass rate, most above 85%
  • 10-12 new members

Certificates of appreciation were presented to those involved.



Field Day Committee

We need a Field Day Chairman for this year. Chester Kmak, WA9LAZ, volunteered to hold Field Day on his property ten miles south of Leesburg and to coordinate the event. He said that a group needed to evaluate whether the location would be suitable.


PR Relations Committee

Chairman is needed and the committee needs to be organized


Contest Committee

Gary Quinn, NC4S, gave an excellent presentation on the Virginia QSO Party. After the program, club members requested that Gary post his PowerPoint presentation on the K4LRG website.



Old Business


Banners - Jay, KI4TXP reported that we received some damaged banners that we can sell for half price. Chris motion and seconded by Norm to sell damaged banners for that amount.



New Business


Facility - Carol, KI4TJJ reported that we had not given the church a donation this past year for usage of the facility. She made a motion to donate $250 to Holy Trinity for use of their facility for meetings. Motion was seconded by many and carried.


YLRL - Carol, KI4TJJ, gave a report about the YLRL club, whose activities include national meetings, scholarships, etc.


Allon Stern, KE4FYL, announced he is going to be placing a group order for gaffer tape and to contact him if interested in participating.


The old "Now You're Talking" program has been converted to mp3. We will be checking copyright clearance prior to distribution.


Norm, AI2C, updated the club on our 80-meter SSB net concerning procedures that are being used and that they are now QSY'ing to 10 meters at a certain point. We are really trying to get more new operators involved in this net.


Frank (K0BRA) announced that AMRAD has obtained a large quantity of used low band VHF commercial mobile radios from Orange County Florida.  They are capable of conversion to 6-meter amateur use.  AMRAD is discussing projects and may make radios available at a price.


Grant (KB3EMT) has an acquaintance who is a serious Military Radio Collector and may be willing to do a presentation to the club.  He will make contact and report back to see how a presentation may be scheduled.


Dave (KE4S) made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Allon (KE4FYL) and passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 10:20AM.


Respectfully submitted,



Randy Sly

LARG Secretary