LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for February 19, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. on Saturday, February 19, 2005, by President Carol, KF4TJJ, who then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 32 people attending.

The following visitors were welcomed to the meeting by our President, Carol: Walt, KI4IIT; Tamara, KI4IIS; John, N4AJR; and Grant, KB3EMT.

The January 2004 LARG minutes were read by the acting Secretary, John, W4AU, and were approved.

Our Treasurer, Gary, NC4S, reported that the club had a beginning balance of $3,585.34 on December 31, 2004. The club had expenses of $1,354.32 for the Holiday Dinner and receipts of $556.42 for membership dues, sales of the KF4TJI calendars and interest. The current balance is $2,787.44, and the Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Carol, KF4TJJ, presented a list of standing committees called for by the LARG Constitution and Bylaws as well as a few special LARG assignments. Each committee's responsibilities were discussed with brief comments from committee members. Anyone wishing to participate on one of these was asked to contact Carol. Including a few updates following the meeting, assignments are:

Interference -- N4PD and W3ZI

Emergency Services/Public Service -- WB3AKD, NC4S, W3EMH, KE4S, KI4HVI, K4VV and AI2C

Education -- KF4TJI and WF1L

Field Day -- NA4MA, N5CTI and AI2C

Contest Masters -- W4AU, AI2C, NC4S and N4PD

F.A.R. Representatives -- WF1L and K4ARP

Newsletter Editor - W4AU

Public Relations -- K4ARP

Virginia Section Meeting. In the absence of Tom, WB3AKD, Denny, KF4TJI, reported that meeting held on February 12 to discuss the possible organization of a new ARRL Section for Northern Virginia was attended by only 7 hams and that non of the 3 organizers were present, so it was adjourned after about 45 minutes.

Virginia QSO Party. John, W4AU, gave a short description of the upcoming Virginia QSO Party on the weekend of March 19-20. As an introduction to an actual phone contest, John ran a mock "voice" contest at the meeting to acquaint non-contesters with some of the rigors of a phone contest and QRM. It seemed to be enjoyed by those who participated.

Sunday Night Net. Carol, KF4TJJ, presented a sign-up sheet for members to act as the net control station for the Sunday night 2- meter net.

Among correspondence received by the club were flyers for several hamfests (FROSTFEST on 2/20 in Richmond; RARSFest on 4/17 in Raleigh, NC and in Berryville on 8/7); information on F.A.R. scholarships (applications are to be received by 4/30); information on volunteer opportunities in Loudoun County ( see; and a request for the club to provide a demonstration of amateur radio emergency communications capabilities at Potomac Station Safety Day on May 15, 2005, at the Tolbert Elementary School. Gary, NC4S, will be coordinating our activities and those interested in participating were urged to contact him.

Nancy, KE4RTP, and Carol, KF4TJJ, plan to attend the YLRL convention in Denver in August. They both recently received raffle tickets (available to anyone who wants one--or more) to help with the Ethel Smith-- K4LMB Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Norm, AI2C, and Gary, NC4S, brought up the issue of the proliferation of different classes of membership for LARG. We currently have, in addition to regular membership, associate, student, family, life, and honorary members in the club. They are concerned about the relationship of these various classes of membership to the club's constitution and how they might be interpreted by the ARRL in terms of our ARRL affiliation. Vice- President Boyd, K5CTI, will help Norm and Gary look into the issues related to this situation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1000 with 37 people present.

Respectfully submitted,

John Unger, W4AU, Acting Secretary