LARG Monthly Meeting
August 21, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 8:32 A.M. EST by LARG President Jay, KI4TXP. There were 33 attendees present. Please double-click here for the attendance roster.

Minutes from the July meeting were approved as posted.

Jay, KI4TXP, presented the posted treasurer report, covering the highlights. The Treasurer's report was approved as presented/posted.

The following guests/new members were present:

Guest, Tania Stephens, and new member Bill Robbins - KJ4VTH. Committee Reports

Public Service:

Gary, NC4S indicated that preparations for the Reston Bike Ride, scheduled for the following day, 22 August 2010 were in good shape. Gary provided maps of the Ride Course for each of the rest stop Captains as a reference for riders and support personnel. The Operations Plan will be posted to the LARG web site for reference and review.

Jay, KI4TXP indicated he will be attending a meeting on Tuesday, 24 August 2010, to get more information on the Leesburg Air Show. More details should be available for the next meeting.

Training: Jay Greeley, KI4UTB, indicated he is hoping to put together a couple of classes in the near future. One class in late September, possibly a Friday evening/Saturday day class schedule. A General/Technician class will be scheduled in November, before Thanksgiving. In addition help is sought for an effort to help some Boy Scouts with the building of Morse code buzzers for a merit badge requirement.

Interference: Paul, N4PD reported that there were no interference issues to report.

Contesting: Gary, NC4S reminded everyone that the contesting season will begin next month in September.

Website: Norm, AI2C, reported that the Field Day report had grown to 30 web pages and 200 pictures. Norm indicated that it should be completed by the next club meeting.

Awards: Norm, AI2C, indicated that the awards committee is looking to commission artwork for the background of the LARG award certificate. Anyone who knew of someone who might be able to help was encouraged to contact Norm. Norm also indicated that the awards committee would like to expand its membership beyond the current 4 members. Anyone interested can contact Norm.

Legislation Affairs: Rick, AI1V suggested that members go to the ARRL web site and look at the information on the ARRL actions regarding the ReconRobotics system license applications ( . This relates to amateur radio in that ReconRobotics is proposing using frequencies currently assigned to amateurs in the 440 MHz band.

Rick also indicated that there is no current Virginia legislative activity related to amateur radio.


Luther, K5NOB, gave an update on the upcoming programs:

September – Doug, KJ4BRN the 2010 Field Day Chairman will present a Field Day Wrap Up.
October – Mr. Riley Hollingsworth will speak.
November – Jeff, KE5APC will give a presentation on EchoLink.

Repeater Status:

Leesburg Repeater (146.700 MHz - WA4TXE Repeater): Dave Boltson, WA4TXE, recapped the 77.0 Hz PL tone change on the repeater. Dave also reminded everyone that the Weather Alert system was tied into the repeater, including the 442.1 MHz repeater, and that it would preempt local traffic if a weather alert came in affecting the repeater coverage area.

Dulles Repeater (145.310 MHz - W4DLS Repeater): Bill Fenn, N4TS, indicated that the intermittent problem of a 60 Hz buzz on the repeater had disappeared and had not reoccurred.

Old Business

Jay Greeley, KI4UTB, indicated that the agreement with VFW was still being worked.

Marcy Brown, KJ4GYH, provided status on the preparations for the Holiday Party. The hall has been reserved and the list of required tasks has been developed. The party is scheduled for Saturday, December 11, 2010.

New Business

Jay, KI4TXP, announced that some equipment had been donated to the club and gave a list of the equipment. Volunteers are needed to check the equipment out and determine what is usable. Also, with the addition of this new equipment, Jay is looking for a volunteer to develop an inventory of all of the clubs equipment and who is holding it for the club.

Gary, NC4S submitted a receipt for reimbursement for a bearing to repair the club tower trailer for Field Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 A.M. EST.

After the formal close of the meeting, Nancy Dluehosh, N1NCY, gave a presentation on the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) a nonprofit organization of women Amateur Radio Licensees. Carol Boehler, KF4TJJ, also covered aspects of the organization and here experiences. Their web site is The presentation covered the organizations history and annual meeting as well as contests.

Respectfully submitted, Dodson B. Brown, AJ4EY, LARG Secretary


A reminder to all about Holy Trinity's inclement weather policy: if Loudoun County Schools are closed (or would be if it were a school day), all activities at the church are cancelled – this includes outside groups. This policy allows for parking lot clearing so snow is not packed down; and it is also a safety issue.