LARG Club Meeting Minutes
for August 20, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:36 a.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2005, by Vice-President Boyd - N5CTI, who then lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance with 19 people in attendance.

Visitors and new members: Ace - N3AHA was recognized and welcomed by the club.

Merc - N4TGA brought to the group's attention, that with only 19 members in attendance we did not have a quorum and questioned whether any official business could be conducted at the meeting. After discussion, it was generally agreed that this would be an information meeting.

The August 2005 minutes were read by Secretary David - K4ARP.

The Treasurer's report was read by Gary - NC4S.


Balloon Committee: Tom - WB3AKD Nothing further. Next possible balloon launch would be this fall.

Training: Denny: KF4TJI No report.

Emergency Services / Public Services: Tom - WB3AKD Reviewed the Reston Bike Ride planning, rest stop equipment needs; and the rolls and responsibilities of station captains and volunteers. As this is practice for a real emergency, volunteers are expected to work 12 hour shifts. Net Control to be located at Gary - NC4S's house, 6 rest stops, 3 Red Cross SAGs, Patrol Bikes on the W & OD Trail and Ham SAGs at the end of the day. More volunteers are needed for Station Lead at Waterford and SAG ride along. Please be on station at 0600hrs. Jay Greeley reviewed logistics planning and support. There should be a Red Cross Volunteer(s), Boy Scout Troop and bike repair person at each rest stop. The operations plan and routes are posted on APRS for the event is being coordinated by Dave - KE4S who reviewed the APRS and Tracker setup. We will be using the existing infrastructure on 144.390 with the addition of three temporary Digis. Dave asked Station Captains to try and get the call sign of any bike riders with trackers and relay it to net control. Steve - KB2CEV reminded SAGs that it is a good idea to have some material to make signs, as necessary. Gary - NC4S reminded all new members that they are welcome to participate in the event, or just stop by one of the stations, or net control to observe the operation. Tom - WB3AKD reminded the group that the organizers of the Clarke County Bike Ride in mid September are looking for more radio operators.

Public Relations: David- K4ARP Nothing to report.

FAR: Dick - W2YE reported that AutoCall is in a state of flux. Volunteers have quit, subscriptions are down to less than 500 copies and the publication may end up being web based only.

Interference Committee: Mark - W3ZI noted that the only issue was a long standing interference problem with the Bluemont repeater from an adjacent repeater and is a T-Mark issue.

Amendment Committee: Dick - W2YE is still looking into the bylaws. Boyd - N5CTI reminded everyone that this needs to be done by December for a January 2006 vote.

Contest Committee: Nothing to report.


Larry - K3HE inquired if the Certificate of Appreciation for Craig Brown N4FSC had been delivered. Bill - W3EMH stated that he had the certificate and would deliver it to Craig.

Upcoming events: Berryville Clarke County Bike Ride, various area hamfests, and the Red Cross Ride for the Red October 1st.


Gary - NC4S will bring the Contest Training CD to play after the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40am.

David T. Mullins - K4ARP, Secretary LARG