LARG Monthly Meeting
August 21, 2004

LARG Meeting - 21 August 2004 The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance.

New members were recognized: Carl Fox, KF4ZMM, and David Gerwig, K3JBE.

Ray, K4AJA, announced that Jack, W0PLX, a former member of LARG, sends his greetings.

Club President, Dale, K3CN, noted Bob Bee's, W4POF, passing earlier this month. We will all miss him.

The minutes from the previous meeting were not read since John, W4AU, was absent and neglected to pass the June Meeting minutes on to substitute secretary, Paul, N4PD. Maybe he will read them after these minutes are read, assuming he brings them with him for the October meeting.

Treasurer's Report (see report for more details):

Balance (beginning) 2903.15

Interest and Dues 42.90

Tires for Tower Trailer (118.01)

Thomas Cogsdale (11.35)


Turnbuckles (300.00)

Balance (ending) 2296.46

Fund Balances:

Balloon 273.17

Repeater 927.00

Tower (110.69)

Tower Defense 500.00

Dale, K3CN, noted that he and Karl Hamilton,KI4BDS, Don Jones, K8DSJ, and Randy Sly, W4RSA, took Dominic, KI4BCR and Jacob Mason, KI4BCQ to HRO to buy them new rigs after they lost everything in a fire several months ago.

Featured Speaker was Honorary ARRL Vice President John Kanode, K4MM, who spoke about DXing from its beginnings to today's activities.


Dale, K3CN, mentioned the club's participation in the Emergency Preparedness Fair in Purcellville on the club's July meeting date.

Field Day. Tom Garasic, NA4MA, recapped our Field Day activities as Banshee Reeks (county park).

Reston Red Cross Bike Ride.

Bill Frisbie, W3EMH noted that the bike ride is 29 August. More volunteers are needed. Contact Bill, W3EMH, Gary, NC4S, or Tom, WB3AKD if you can participate. RACES Training will be attended by many LARG Members on September 18 at Loudoun Valley High School in lieu of our September meeting. Sign up on the VA RACES web site if you wish to attend.

For the October meeting Brian Best, N1???, will talk about OO (Official Observer) programs.

Larry Hughes, K3HE, passed out posters to advertise Ham Radio and the club. Please get them from Larry and post them wherever you can on bulletin boards or other prominent places where permissible.

Technical classes are starting in mid-September. Contact Bill, WF1L.

K4LRG Field Day Pens are still available! $6 each with the profits going to LARG treasury.

Balloon Launch. Gary, NC4S, reported on the 7 August balloon launch. The balloon payload was not recovered.

Gary, NC4S, announced that the Town of Purcellville has offered a van to the club. No decision was made on the offer at the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Paul, N4PD