RGB Color Codes:

RED = #ff0000

WHITE = #ffffff

BLUE = #1a3dc8


Pantone Matching System ®:

RED = 812 C 2X



C means Coated Paper         2X means Double Impression


     For those wishing to use the Official Logo of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Loudoun County, Virginia, it is important to match our color scheme. The original Logo was designed by Norm Styer, AI2C, of Clarkes Gap, Virginia, as an entry in the LARG Logo Contest in March, 1997. He created it using "Text Art" features on a Word Perfect Program. Since  then, Pete McNeil, KF4HCW, of Leesburg, Virginia, developed a clean version using the Freehand 8 format. These samples were exported from there.

     Folks wishing to work with our Logo should start with these files:


     The above sample colors and the RGB and Pantone color codes should assist. Hopefully, we are all not color blind and these samples will assist in avoiding monitor color density and  print ink mismatches. An on-line color selector may help confirm what you see.
   As an example of one method, the large LARG Logo above is a .jpg file created from the KF4HCW-Created K4LRG.FH8. EPS file using Ghost View to resize Pete's EPS file, then copied and pasted into Paint, then saved from Paint as a .jpg file and finally, opened, cropped, and adjustment made to the color blue, just a little deeper and darker blue, and saved with an Olympus Photo Program. Production facilities will most likely have more professional methods.

     This Logo of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group is copyrighted by and the property of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group. This Logo may be used by the LARG and it's members to promote the  official activities and goals of the LARG. For other purposes, requests for permission to use this Logo in any form should be directed to [email protected].

Other enquires may be directed to Norm Styer, AI2C,  or Pete McNeil, KF4HCW.